TV Aerials

TV AerialsThe majority of the TV aerials we fit are in Hull and East Yorkshire, we are usually contacted because:

  • New property requires TV aerial
  • Existing television aerial blown down or damaged
  • Extra TV point(s) required
  • Poor or no reception on some or all channels, this may be seen as a snowy picture on analogue, pixelation or freezing on digital (freeview) reception
  • Integration of Sky satellite in to aerial system
  • Missing channels after a ‘new’ installation by another aerial installer
  • Customer is unsure as to whether they have the correct aerial for digital reception

If you have a television aerial or reception enquiry please contact us. We will schedule an aerial installation engineer to visit when convenient for you; the engineer will measure the signal, survey any existing installation and advise as to the options. If work is required we can provide a competitive quotation.

Prossers complete television aerial installations ranging from a single point to complex systems with over 100 points integrating digital television, satellite and DAB. We have the technical ability and experience to handle all aerial installations, as you would expect all equipment supplied by us comes with a 12 month warranty, we can always be contacted at our service department on Chanterlands Avenue, Hull where we have been located since 1985