We offer a comprehensive repair service for TV, Video, DVD, Hard Drive Recorders, Microwave, Hi-Fi, LCD Projectors and Dyson Vacuum Cleaners. We charge an inspection fee which covers a diagnosis of the fault and an estimate of the repair cost. If the repair cost is accepted, the inspection fee is then deducted from the total.

As modern televisions are often bulky we can offer a collection and delivery service, please contact us for details


NEW service receptionCan you tell me how much will it cost before I bring it in?
This question is the most common, when providing a professional service unfortunately this isn’t possible. Our experience is that prices offered over the phone are pure guesswork to appear knowledgeable and to encourage the customer to go there – if you are quoted a price over the phone, make sure that it is 100% guaranteed before you make the journey

Why an inspection fee?
This is for the engineer’s time diagnosing the fault. It is the only fair way to manage a professional service department. If you think it through it makes all customer’s repairs more economic; if a company offers free estimates, who pays for the time spent? – the other customers who have jobs repaired!

How long will it take?
A difficult one to answer before you have even looked at a repair, it is in our interest to turn jobs round as quickly as possible, after all when completed we get paid, intermittent faults and parts supply are the main things that slow us down

The screen in my TV is broken how much will it cost?
An easier question - the answer is a lot; hundreds of pounds

It’s a common problem I’ve read it on the internet, how much will it cost?
This is similar to the first question, often people are searching for the symptoms on the internet we are interested in the fault e.g. a Panasonic TV that ‘just will not come on and has the standby light flashing’ can be caused by nearly any board in the television – all at different prices