Need a repair?

Our service department has been located on Chanterlands Avenue Hull since 1985, in that time we have completed tens of thousands of repairs. TV repairs now account for the majority of repairs; we are now seeing fewer CRT TV, and more LCD TV and plasma screens for repair.

The main change in servicing that has occurred is that ‘older’ products could be repaired to component level – that is individual resistors, transistors, transformers, capacitors etc. were replaced, with a LCD repair or plasma repair sometimes printed circuit boards are changed as components are not available or cannot be changed, this can save money in time but increase the cost of parts – our preferred option wherever possible is to repair to component level as this achieves a more economic repair for the customer.

A television engineer is hand repairing a mass produced product; unfortunately some products are built to a price and are not designed to be repaired – this makes a repair more difficult, branded products usually have more support in the way of technical information and parts availability. There seems to be a common myth that we can plug a TV in to a ‘magic box’ and it will perform a full diagnosis – if only.....

The majority of time we spend on a repair is at the beginning where we are completing an accurate diagnosis; often fitting the parts takes less time than the diagnosis. Prossers charge an inspection fee which covers a diagnosis of the fault, this fee is deducted from any final invoice.

Though an accurate description of the symptoms of a fault is important, with nearly every repair we need an engineer to look at the product, we are often asked to diagnose over the phone; this is not possible when giving a professional service – at best it would be a vague guess which would more than likely prove meaningless when the product was looked at.

The one fault that we can advise on is that when the Wii controller slips out of your hand and hits the screen of your new LCD television, it will be at least a few hundred pounds to replace the screen

We do quite often see products where unplugging from the mains, disconnecting the cables for a few minutes and reconnecting, solves a variety of faults, we do also look at repairs where it’s the batteries in the remote control....... worth trying before giving us a call.


An example of a multi-layered PCB from a 42" LG LCD TV repair where it was not possible to change the faulty component so we replaced the PCB.


Broken tv in for repair

A Samsung 26" LCD TV brought in for repair with screen damage caused by a Wii remote.