Microwave service and repairs

We repair all makes of microwave oven, both domestic and commercial microwaves. Simply bring in the microwave to our repair centre. As with all repairs Prossers charge an inspection fee which covers a diagnosis of the fault, this fee is deducted from any final invoice.

Microwave Safety

Under no circumstances should DIY repairs be attempted, it is not an exaggeration to say that the high voltages generated within a microwave can be lethal – some components remain charged up even when unplugged from the mains. We have been concerned by the increase in microwave parts available on the internet which encourages people to attempt their own repairs. Historically even qualified engineers had to attend manufacturer training courses before they could purchase parts - an indication of the potential risks involved when repairing microwave ovens, added to this the possibility of microwave leakage and the conclusion must be that microwaves should only be repaired by professional service companies.

Microwave Leakage Check

If you are concerned about your microwave oven, we can check for microwave leakage, simply bring in to our repair centre and we will carry out the check, we normally complete this on the same day, cost of service £15.00.

Microwave Bulb Replacement

Microwave Bulb ReplacementEarly microwaves were often designed for the customer to change the bulb, unfortunately more recent ovens require the removal of the cabinet, and therefore the bulb needs to be changed by an engineer due to safety issues as described above. We offer a bulb replacement service, simply bring in to our repair centre and we will replace the bulb and carry out a leakage check, we carry most of the popular bulbs in stock and normally complete this on the same day, cost of service £25.00.

Microwave service and repairs

Built in microwaves

Built in appliances are popular and this includes microwaves, usually they can be removed easily for repair, if it isn’t obvious you may need to consult with a kitchen fitter regarding removal.

We recently carried out some analysis of built in microwave repairs; what we have found is a significant number of microwaves we have looked at have faults consistent with lack of ventilation; as the microwave is built in sometimes it isn’t obvious that ventilation is restricted.

microwave ventilationmicrowave repair

Blocked ventilation holes on a recent repair of a Neff built in microwave. In this instance the lack of ventilation caused the magnetron to overheat and fail

Faulty magnetron from Bosch built in microwave that has failed due to lack of ventilation, note the cracked magnet and distorted aluminium cooling fins

Obviously microwaves will fail again prematurely if this ventilation issue isn’t corrected. Popular built in makes include Neff, Bosch, DeLonghi, Miele, Baumatic, AEG, Belling, Candy, Hotpoint, Zanussi, Whirlpool, Smeg, Siemens, Caple etc...