Hi-Fi Repairs

We have recently seen an increase in the number and range of different Hi-Fi products that we have been asked to repair. We have always looked at plenty of modern, usually Japanese amplifiers and CD players but increasingly we have looked at:

  • Treasured music centres in traditional cabinets dating from the 50s, 60s, 70s these can be time consuming but rewarding. The level of technology isn’t high compared to modern equipment and parts availability can be difficult, but the internet means if the parts are out there, they can usually be found.
  • Older turntables, we keep being reminded that vinyl is making a comeback and these original turntables are often good quality and worth looking at.
  • Valve AmplifersValve amplifiers, we have been asked to repair some of the original valve amplifiers eg a Leak Stereo 20 earlier this year and some of the modern valve equipment is starting to require attention
  • With amplifiers it is often worth testing without the speakers or speaker cables connected and using a pair of headphones, if the equipment works correctly it may be that the fault is elsewhere; look for short circuits on cables and / or incorrect loading
  • Simply bring the equipment in to our repair centre. As with all repairs Prossers charge an inspection fee which covers a diagnosis of the fault, this fee is deducted from any final invoice