Dyson repairs

We have repaired and serviced Dyson vacuum cleaners for a number of years, unlike televisions and most other electrical equipment, we feel Dyson cleaners do benefit from being regularly serviced.

Over time we have found that they can block up internally – the filters and cyclone etc; this causes a reduction in suction, not picking up and general poor performance, plaster dust and vacuuming up after building work seems to one of the worst things for the health of your Dyson. To maintain performance the filters do need cleaning regularly.

Internal blockages and clogged filters stress the motor which may trip the thermal cutout, this will usually reset when the motor cools, constant use in this condition inevitably reduces the life of the motor.

Needing to replace the drive belt to the brushbar is not particularly common, they only seem to fail if the brushbar becomes jammed or begins to seize up.

We regularly replace mains leads, sometimes the constant flexing causes internal breaks, this often seems to be where the flex enters the Dyson, also physical damage to the lead is common; we see the insulation on the mains cable worn through by the brushbar fairly frequently.

If your Dyson cleaner has developed a fault or you would like it serviced simply bring it to our service department on Chanterlands Avenue, Hull. Whether it is an upright, cylinder or handheld, we look at all models.

As with other products, Prossers charge an inspection fee which covers a diagnosis of the fault, this fee is deducted from any final invoice.

Dyson Repairs

The Dyson models to date are:

DC01 DC03 DC04 DC07 DC14 DC15 DC18 DC24 DC25 DC27 DC33

DC02 DC05 DC08 DC11 DC19 DC20 DC21 DC22 DC23 DC26 DC32

DC16 DC30 DC31 DC34 DC35